Developing friendships and group play offer our teachers further opportunities to extend your child's skills in negotiating, collaborating and social interactions. We focus on learning environments that foster development in the arts, numeracy, literacy and science and from here project development offers the prospect to delve deeper in gaining skills, knowledge and attributes that will prepare your child for their formal schooling years.

I am 4

I'm a smooth talking, agile and observant seeker of adventure.

I'm kind of a know-it-all, as in I want to know it all.

I have more questions in me than you have answers.

I'm perceptive enough to sense this can frustrate you, but please don't discount my inquisitiveness.

Challenge me


I am 5

I'm a risk taker and mess maker.

I'm a confident doer of exciting things. I'm not built for desk sitting. My busy brain craves action and novelty.

I'm not as grownup as some people think - I still need to play, move and explore.

Don't rush my childhood


"As a parent the thing about commencing care with my child is a thoughtful transition to care, allowing my child the time to feel safe and secure before being left.  I appreciate staff that consider this as important to reducing anxiety to my child."