A burst in language development and the opportunity to learn about turn taking and socialising is the main influence in the educational program for toddlers. Flexible classroom routines are filled with opportunities for role play, dance, music and emerging literacy balances the active physical play that children require each day. Educators support children emerging independence whilst being responsive to their need for closeness and security.

I am 2

It's not easy. I'm realising the world no longer revolves around me like it did when I was younger.

Still, life's not so terrible. It's just a bit complex and overwhelming at times.

I'm trying to understand the world and my curiosity and drive sometimes look like trouble. I'm a force to be reckoned with, a busy brain on the go.

Don't underestimate me

Welcome To the Toddlers Room

Educators firstly concentrate on building a respectful relationship with each child.  We help your child to feel sense of comfort and belonging to our group.  We provide a calm and relaxed environment where your child will feel unhurried.

We work on building independence and self-help skills.  These include strategies for positive and effective toilet training.  We help to develop confident and involved learners through group learning experiences, including singing and musical movement.  We engage in, fun learning games including colour recognition, numeracy and literacy.  We encourage your child to express themselves through their developing language skills, art and sensory experiences and imaginative play.  We will encourage your child to participate in active and physical outdoor experiences to promote healthy lifestyle choices and to develop a strong sense of wellbeing.

"I value Educators that have been trained in the Circle of Security and understand the importance of ‘Attachment’ the caregiver provides."


Fiona O'Donnell