Parents are encouraged to meet with us and take a tour of the Service. We will provide you with valuable information at this time to help you understand the commencement of care processes.

Your child deserves time to get to know us to ensure they feel safe and secure for you to leave them. Our team will be supportive and flexible throughout your orientation process with us. This is an important time to share information about your family and child with us.  The more we know about your child’s development the easier it is for our Educational Team to provide individual learning programs for your child based on their development and interests

"My son has been so excited to go to day care since before the doors opened! Now that they have he is still very happy and has been blessed with a lovely kindy teacher. The learning resources available for him to explore are incredible and the centre is set up in a way that fosters his independence and confidence. The staff are friendly and they all greet us when we come in. We will also be sending our youngest son when he is a bit older as he is already comfortable there thanks to the friendly staff"
Kym Emmerson - Parent