Our Research: Robert Emmons (Professor of Psychology at the University of California) author of The Science of Gratitude has been well documented in improving well-being and emotional prosperity. Our action Research in Practicing Gratitude with children now reaches over 3500 children, and some of the results have been amazing so far.

Children, teachers and families have been able to grow and flourish individually as well as helping their community thrive. We can be grateful to gratitude for working hard on our behalf. We truly believe that when children are grateful for the world around them and everything and everyone in it they are happier.

Mount Peter Early Learning is fortunate to be part of the “Playing with Gratitude” action research project. he project aim believes the best early start in life will result in a future of achievable possibilities. We know these possibilities have their foundations with a child’s right to play and the transformational learning experienced through co-play.

Therefore our aim is to examine the new science of gratitude and combine it with the powerful influence of co-play in order to make a positive change in the wellbeing of children, birth to five.

Our results are staggering. As educators, we can focus intensely on educational programs and learning, but we have been missing the most vital of elements of children’s needs – well-being. When we turned our focus towards personhood – with the practice of gratitude children started to notice. They noticed that the everyday things that happen around them – like mummy picking us up at the end of the day, cooking our favourite meal– is something that we should be appreciative of. Children started to express their appreciation and parents were overwhelmed. The data results we have collected speaks for itself. I dare to say our children, as a result, are “happier” and our staff are “happier”
- Fiona O’Donnell, 2018