Junior Kindy

An emergent curriculum based on children's interests engages the 3 year olds curiosity and sense of adventure. The 3 year old loves to test their limitations; they want to show their helpfulness and empathy and educators support children's motivation to persist with challenges. The daily program provides choice between the indoor and outdoor classroom and learning environments are prepared to challenges and engage children in their learning. Educators are supportive in encouraging children's sense of wonder and recognise children strong sense of identity.

I am 3

I am not built to sit still, keep my hands to myself, take turns, be patient, stand in line, or keep quiet.

I need motion, I need novelty, I need adventure and I need to engage the world with my whole body.

Let me play

(Trust me, I'm learning)

"As a parent the thing about commencing care with my child is a thoughtful transition to care, allowing my child the time to feel safe and secure before being left.  I appreciate staff that consider this as important to reducing anxiety to my child."